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Art and Architecture

Art and Architecture

Inspired canvases for art.

At CoCollect, the incredible architects we’ve been able to work with create the perfect canvases for art collections. Whether it’s the expansive foyer rooms, attention to lighting, or the custom-built fireplaces prepped for art, we’re constantly inspired. It’s always wonderful to start a project when we have a thoughtful architectural backdrop to install art.

Built as art, for art.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Unicus Developments, renowned for their innovative designs, building homes with art in mind. From the windows, the vantage points, and even the electrical, their homes are not only works of art but are ready to showcase art within the home. In this breathtaking home, a large-scale art piece adorns the atrium wall, framed elegantly by sconces and perfectly integrated into the architectural landscape. The relationship between the architecture and the art piece is nothing short of symbiotic; each element enhances the other, elevating the overall ambiance of the space. 

Unicus Developments, “W Conan Drive” Project.

Prepping walls for art from the inside out.

Mantles are often the focal point of a room. When designing a fireplace, architects and builders must be conscious that the flue and exterior walls do not overheat. This way, any artwork installed there may remain safe. It requires the architect to be aligned with the builder from the beginning so that they’re building a home to host art.

In our collection: Matt Kleberg, Midnight Rider, 2021.

Architecture firm Black Rabbit is known for its elaborate renderings and contemporary design. In a recent project, as seen below, they crafted a stunning floating fireplace that exudes elegance and modernity and is also purposefully designed to be an art moment. While the artwork creates a focal point within the room, it also draws attention to the design of the modern mantle. 

Black Rabbit Architecture, rendering of “Rockingham Residence” project.

The perfect frame

Architects can consider multiple different vantage points in the home for artwork and make tricky spots like staircases or exterior vantage points pop.

In our collection: William Cannings, Synthesis, 2021.

Davey McEathron Architecture, eminent for its stunning residences, seamlessly combines the sleekness of this staircase with the artwork. While ensuring that the entire open space and entryway focus on a central art piece, it alternatively complements the interior garden.

Davey Mceathron Architecture, “Windsor” project. In our collection: Tom Jean Webb, All Eyes on Me, My Eyes on You, 2023.
Davey Mceathron Architecture, “Windsor” project. In our collection: Anne Griffiths, Petrichor (Diptych), 2023.


Architectural firm FORRM is known for its extensive use of glass in its projects, whether in skylights, doorways, or overall design, creating the perfect museum-quality lighting that art deserves. We recently finished working on a project with them, and the natural lighting that peers through the house is stunning. In their project seen below, the building’s doorway perfectly aligns with a bold piece by Austin artist Jason Archer displayed at the entry. 

FORRM Architecture, “Ink Communications HQ” project.
FORRM Architecture, rendering of “Escarpment House” project.

At CoCollect, we appreciate the meticulous work architects and builders do to create the perfect setting for art and how their designs collectively impact our living spaces.

Artwork featured at top of post in our collection: Paul Kremer, Exchange 03, 2023 from Unicus Development project.