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Artist Spotlight: Cecilia Biagini

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Artist Spotlight: Cecilia Biagini

The Abstract world of Cecilia Biagini.

Meet Cecilia Biagini, a talented artist originally from Buenos Aires, now based in Brooklyn. What we find fascinating about her work is how she brings a South American abstract touch into everything she creates. It’s like a piece of her roots shining through in the streets of Brooklyn.

Biagini doesn’t limit herself to one medium. She works with painting, sculpture, photography, even sound—all coming together in her art. We love how she blurs the lines between them, making her art a cohesive, immersive experience. For Cecilia, it’s not just about making something visually pleasing; it’s about letting her ideas collide and form these intricate shapes and narratives. 

Biagini’s work is all about colors, lines, depth, and shapes that appear differently close-up. Her pieces are always inspired by the traditions of Latin American abstraction, evoking a sense of movement or animation. Biagini explains they are the dance of geometric shapes.

One of Cecilia’s series, “Aguaviva,” a Spanish term meaning “water alive,” is inspired by jellyfish moving underwater. In these artworks, she plays with chaos and order using bold lines and cool-toned colors, like blue. When you look at them, it feels like everything is almost floating and blending together.

Her art has been shown all over the world including the MACBA Museum in Buenos Aires to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Biagini continues to be featured in a number of esteemed collections today.

Cecilia explores how shapes and ideas can change and blend together in her art. She challenges conventional norms and make us think about how form and structure can tell stories. We’re proud to have her in our collection and are excited to see what’s to come.

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