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Artist Spotlight: Christy Matson

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Artist Spotlight: Christy Matson

Exploring the tapestry of tradition and innovation.

Traditional craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology for artist Christy Matson. She blends the worlds of painting and hand weaving as her tapestries offer a bridge between minimalism, abstraction, and the rich history of textile production. 

Her process begins with watercolor, ink drawings, and collages on paper. From these initial compositions, she transitions into the digital realm, translating her visions into instructions comprehensible to her trusty companion: the Jacquard loom. 

Christy Matson with the Jacquard loom.

This industrial machine, with its roots tracing to the 19th century, serves as both a tool and a collaborator in Matson’s work. With precision and spontaneity, the loom weaves while being guided by Matson’s hand. As she maneuvers the weft, each piece becomes a product of both analog and digital mediums. 

For Matson, textiles transcend mere fabric; they become metaphors for the body and what we endure within our human experiences. She sees the Jacquard loom as a drawing device, akin to a paintbrush or pen, where organic lines and patterns intertwine. The grid, a recurring motif in her work, serves as an organizing structure and a psychological anchor, grounding viewers in a shared sense of order and pattern. 

Matson explores the interplay between expression and perception, tradition and innovation. As she draws on inspiration from modernism and diverse cultural traditions, Matson’s work honors the past while embracing the possibilities of the future. 

Christy Matson at Rebecca Camacho Gallery.

Integral to Matson’s artistic ethos is her commitment to sustainability. By repurposing surplus and “deadstock” materials, she not only breathes new life into forgotten fabrics but also challenges the wasteful practices of the textile industry. Matson transforms discarded remnants into vibrant works of art. 

For Christy Matson, the Jacquard loom is more than a mere machine; it’s a tool for creativity and a vessel for storytelling. With each meticulously woven tapestry, Matson’s work shows how the power of art can transcend boundaries and highlight the human experience.  

Featured in our collection below, Overshot Variation V, 2022.