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Artist Spotlight: Cruz Ortiz

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Artist Spotlight: Cruz Ortiz

Art, Activism, and Texas Heritage.

Get to know Cruz Ortiz, a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the connection between nature, hope, healing, beauty, and endurance. At CoCollect, we are proud collectors of Ortiz’s diverse pieces that span everything from bold screen prints to oil paintings.

Cruz Ortiz, Apache Ojitos Dream, 2021.

Ortiz discovered his passion for art by screen-printing t-shirts and posters for his friends. From this early work with screen prints, along with photography and video projects, to exclusively focusing on painting today, Ortiz’s evolution as an artist is a testament to his changing style and technique.

Ortiz’s “Nuevo Texas” aesthetic (Spanish for “New Texas”) boldly blends Spanglish text, colorful screen prints, abstract figurative portraiture, and dreamy landscapes. He challenges historical narratives by using painting as a tool to preserve and highlight the colonial efforts that have attempted to erase history. For Ortiz, it’s not just about art; his work pushes critical consideration of issues, centering on moments in history – and his Tejano culture – that are often overlooked. 

Yet Ortiz’s activism extends beyond his artwork. Collaborating with cultural arts and social justice organizations, he and his wife actively contribute to causes close to them. Through their creative studio, Burnt Nopal, they combine contemporary art and graphic design for social justice and progressive advocacy. 

To collect Ortiz’s work is to support a cause. His art acts as a voice advocating for people and for the democracy of the arts. With every piece, Ortiz is preserving heritage, challenging narratives, and making art a catalyst for positive transformation.

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