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Artist Spotlight: Dora Somosi

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Artist Spotlight: Dora Somosi

The interconnectedness between humanity and nature.

Dora Somosi’s artistic journey began as a response to life’s challenges and the solace found in nature. Her photography flourished from intimate moments shared with her daughter during hikes, where amidst personal health difficulties, she grew an unparalleled appreciation for the natural world. Ultimately, this became the catalyst for Somosi’s artistic exploration, leading her to capture the emotions and narratives from different iconic women.

Courtesy of CanvasRebel Magazine.

In her “By Her Side” series, Somosi uses the 19th-century cyanotype process, a technique of layering objects on paper, coated with salt solution, and exposing them to the sun. She combines this historical process with a contemporary approach—using digital negatives instead of objects to capture the blue hues.

Dora Somosi, By Her Side Series, 2002-2023.

Somosi’s method is slow and laborious, reflecting the deceleration of time and societal shifts experienced during the pandemic. It was because of the such strict confines of covid that led Somosi to have a positive focus on her work. And she yearned to portray the world back in a fresh perspective, which led to the making of her compelling series. 

The “By Her Side” series is captured through visits to the homes and studios of influential historical female figures. Somosi encapsulates their legacies by photographing the trees that witnessed these women’s contributions to the world. Women like Agnes Martin and Emily Dickinson find homage in the trees—symbols of their connection to nature and its influence on their work.

Her cyanotype renditions of tree canopies are enveloped in shades of blue, tapping into emotions like introspection and nostalgia. The colors symbolically represent the traditions of cyanotype while also reflecting modern day.

Dora Somosi’s work offers us a space to reflect and appreciate tradition amidst a changing world. She honors the influential women who have shaped our world today and left profound legacies to remember. 

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