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Artist Spotlight: Kesewa Aboah

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Artist Spotlight: Kesewa Aboah

Painting with Body and Soul.

Kesewa Aboah brings a unique and deeply personal approach to her artwork. Known for her unconventional technique of using her body as a paintbrush, Aboah creates stunning pieces that blur the lines between art, intimacy, and raw expression. 

Born into a family deeply rooted in the fashion industry –  Aboah’s journey began in modeling at a young age. Gracing campaigns for renowned brands like Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen and walking in London Fashion Week for Burberry, Aboah’s transition into visual art was seamless.

Aboah’s artistic process is as intimate as it is conventional. She starts by covering herself or a collaborator in a mixture of pigment and body oil. Naked and vulnerable, she presses her body onto large sheets of paper spread out on the floor. This method, she admits, is liberating, an escape from her tendency to overthink things. Each impression is unique, capturing the visceral immediacy of touch and the fluidity of movement. 

Kesewa Aboah’s artistic process.

Once the body printing is complete, Aboah adds intricate details by hand, sometimes embroidering or outlining, to enhance texture and depth. This meticulous phase transforms her initial impressions into textured tapestries that evoke a sense of intimacy. 

Kesewa Aboah, Untitled 1 & 2, 2022. Melanie Raines’ Curation Reveal + Her Thoughts on Art and Design. Photo by Lindsay Brown.

Aboah’s work delves deep into themes of freedom, humanity, and the beauty found in imperfection. Her paintings and tapestries often depict fragmented bodies, abstracted and without recognizable features, yet full of emotional intensity. This absence of specific identity emphasizes the universality of human experience, connecting with her audience on a fundamental level. 

Recently, Aboah showcased her latest collection at Gallery 1226 in Dallas, Texas. There is Life in this Nakedness continued her exploration of the body as a medium for human connection and emotional expression. The title itself speaks to the raw vulnerability in her art. 

Kesewa Aboah, There is Life in this Nakedness at Gallery 12.26.

From the fashion runway to the art studio, Kesewa Aboah exemplifies a bold exploration of identity and expression. Her art, embracing the beauty of imperfection and the intimacy of human touch, continues to challenge perceptions and inspire appreciation for our shared human experiences.

Featured in our collection below, Untitled 1 & 2, 2022.