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Artist Spotlight: Thomas Trum

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Artist Spotlight: Thomas Trum

Redefining artistic techniques through the marks we leave behind.

Unlike many artists who confine themselves to traditional tools and techniques, artist Thomas Trum embraces innovation and experimentation. Thomas Trum is a Dutch painter whose work is a vibrant fusion of line, color, and movement. Drawing on inspiration from the patterns found in everyday life, this artist explores the idea of the traces left behind.

The Hole Gallery NYC, Loops exhibition.

At first glance, Trum’s paintings may seem abstract and enigmatic, but delve a little deeper, and you’ll uncover a completely original way of practicing art. From giant felt-tip pens to custom-built spraying machines (typically used for road line marking), Trum is constantly seeking new ways to paint his canvases. In his studio, he researches different materials and pushes the boundaries of traditional painting techniques.

Despite the extensive preparations with research, setting up the various machinery, and more, executing his final work takes mere minutes. Ultimately, the pieces capture thoroughness yet spontaneity. Every brushstroke or spray of paint is done with a sense of movement, setting Trum apart for his sheer dedication to the process.

Thomas Trum’s different processes.

The approach to his work is all about the interplay between humans and their tools. Together, as Trum says, they create a choreographed dance of lines on various surfaces, from either paper to the face of a building. His fascination with leaving behind traces comes from his background in graffiti, where marking surfaces became a form of self-expression. Graffiti led to his exploration of large vehicles and machinery, tools that leave behind rhythmic patterns found in nature.

One of Trum’s largest exhibitions incorporated elements of the museum’s halls into his paintings and embraced the drips and traces of the creation process as integral parts of the final composition. 

Het Noordbrabants Museum, Daily Spins exhibit. Photographed by Jan-Kees Steenman.

Thomas Trum shows us the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. His innovative process and experimentation invite us to discover the beauty in the traces we leave behind every day.

We love working with The Hole Gallery in New York City to be able to collect Trum’s work. Featured in our collection below, Four Purple Fan Shaped Lines 6, 2023.

Thomas Trum, Four Purple Fan Shaped Lines 6, 2023.