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CoCollect Featured in Christie’s

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CoCollect Featured in Christie’s

We are proud to announce that CoCollect has been featured in Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine! Read on to learn more about our backstory, our unique approach to making art more accessible to live with, and our dedication to giving back to the art community.

“Previously the only way to live with art was to purchase it, and that created limitations. We want to make it easier for people, and by leasing you have the chance to experience it.”

CoCollect feature in Christie’s International Real Estate.

“Members are guided through the collecting process by loaning artworks, which leads to Hogsett’s ultimate goal of growing a broader community to support the arts.”

CoCollect feature in Christie’s International Real Estate.

“Homes become vibrant galleries, updated and refreshed as often as residents wish.”

Otis Huband, Dogs Barking in the Distance, 2019.
Margo Wolowiec, Just A Thought, 2015.
Donald Judd, Untitled (#118-123), 1980.
Josef Albers, EK Id (from Homage to the Square series), 1970.

Artworks featured in publication below:

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