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CoCollect’s First Anniversary

For Members
CoCollect’s First Anniversary

Celebrating one year of bringing art to more people.

One year ago, CoCollect publicly launched with a mission to redefine art collecting, dedicated to making fine art more accessible. We’ve been humbled by the support of our Austin community, excited by the addition of new founding team members and employees, and honored by the warm welcome of so many cities beyond our hometown.

We’re sharing some exciting stats from the first year, but know it’s just the beginning.

200+ artists supported. Our reason for being in celebration of creativity and originality. 

20+ gallery partners. Gallerists we deeply respect and admire, and whose artists grant our members access to an incredible range of artwork.

$1M+ in direct support of the arts ecosystem. From artists to framers to installers, our work is making a real difference in the arts community.

96% membership renewal. Proof that living with art makes you never want to live without it. 

63% of members bought at least one piece of artwork. Our experts connect you with meaningful artwork that makes it easy to become a collector.

129,600 square inches of walls covered. Walls filled with one-of-a-kind, museum-quality artwork.

Thank you to our members and all the others cheering us on!