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Espacio 23: The Pérez Collection

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Espacio 23: The Pérez Collection

To Weave the Sky: Exploring Textile Abstractions at El Espacio 23

Espacio 23 is an innovative contemporary art space, currently exhibiting “To Weave the Sky: Textile Abstractions from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection.” It was fun to see artwork in this museum that our members have access to. 

The exhibition is a celebration of textile-based artistry from over 100 different artists around the world. The artworks unveil the historical ties of textiles to abstraction, geometry, indigenous positions, and rituals.

The show sheds light on the underappreciated narrative of textiles within Western art contexts and how these pieces create a dialogue with other diverse mediums.

Among the curated sections, five thematic categories are presented, each exploring diverse facets of textile abstractions: Chromatic Structures, Landscape Gestures, Spiritual Constellations, Political Fabric, and Threadbare. Collectively, they represent an effort to address how abstract textile art reflects our present political and cultural situation. 

You’ll also see paintings by Frank Stella which are there to have a dialogue with the textile works, sparking fresh perspectives. Stella’s work highlights the longevity and influence art has to follow.

Elsewhere, an Etel Adnan tapestry is shown alongside her enamoring paintings. Exploring aesthetics that connect formal abstraction to land, textiles, organic materials and rectilinear patterning.

Etel Adnan, Avril, 2017.

The title itself, “To Weave the Sky,” hints at the impossible – one cannot weave the sky because of its intangibility. It symbolizes the uncatchable dreams and desires of humanity, with the sky representing an unachievable beauty, spirituality, or wisdom that artists forever seek. 

Check out more on the exhibition or info to visit here.