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Guest Edit: Cori Pfaff

Guest Edit: Cori Pfaff

Creating intrigue by juxtaposing art and decor.

Cori Pfaff brings her unique perspective to Ashby Collective, where she’s been designing since 2016. Ashby Collective, an esteemed design firm based in Austin, Texas, has been featured in renowned publications such as Architectural Digest, The New York Times, and more. Cori’s approach is about blending history with timeless style and paying meticulous attention to detail. She makes sure each project reflects the client’s taste and personality. 

When Cori designs a space, she often focuses on one standout feature, like a piece of art, and builds around it. For example, in the space seen below, Cori chose furnishings that complement the Erik Madigan Heck and James Nares artworks. Cori is all about understanding her clients’ preferences; whether they lean towards contemporary or classical styles, she aims for her projects to feel both genuine and sophisticated.

Cori’s Edit:

Hidden Oaks project, designed by Cori Pfaff.

“Art has always been intimidating to me. It is so subjective and personal to each person. When working with clients, even if they give me complete control, there is still this level of ‘are they going to get it’ that is scary for a designer, which is why the concept of leasing artwork appeals to me.”

Richard Serra’s Backstop I

Richard Serra, Backstop I, 2021.

Denise Prince’s Conceptual Still Life With Sea Urchin

Denise Prince, Conceptual Still Life With Sea Urchin, 2021.

“For most of these pieces, I love that they are simple yet intriguing. The bold photographs are colorful and playful. All these pieces would elevate any space, modern or traditional – and I love that diversity.”

Minta Maria’s Adrift No. 3

Minta Maria, Adrift No. 3, 2020.

Hiroko Takeda’s Still Life Diptych

Hiroko Takeda, Still Life Diptych, 2022.

“I think the CoCollect concept is so great, especially for people who are just starting their collection or need to finish a project out. The idea that you can afford quality art without breaking the bank or trying to get completely into the collector’s world is refreshing and less intimidating.”

Diana Greenberg’s Inlet

Diana Greenberg, Inlet, 2021.

Minta Maria’s Balmorhea

Minta Maria, Balmorhea, 2016.

“I love the thought of a rotating collection to keep the ambiance fresh and engaging, subtly reinventing the space without redoing it. The flexibility allows you to go outside your comfort zone and try something new while keeping the collection cohesive.”

More of Cori Pfaff’s designs seen below:

Hidden Oaks project, designed by Cori Pfaff.

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