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Guest Edit: Liz MacPhail

Guest Edit: Liz MacPhail

Antiquity with a modern twist.

Liz MacPhail, an interior designer based in Austin, values combining antiquity with a modern twist. Her projects often include clients’ family heirlooms or history as she blends different styles to create a bespoke space. With Austin’s classical and Victorian styles and its contemporary growing architecture, Liz embraces design from multiple periods.

Liz never fails to make a space feel unique, but above all thinks of functionality when designing. Her mission is to “create spaces as functional as they are beautiful.” Since it began in 2012, Liz MacPhail Interiors has received multiple awards and design distinctions, continuing to make her mark across the country.

Liz’s Edit:

Artworks by Jason Trotter (left) and Wayne Pate (right). Photographed by Nathan Schroder.

“So many artists have come to my attention working with CoCollect, and that’s the power of working with them.”

“I’ve been enamored with Judd since my first trip to Marfa and the Chinati Foundation over 15 years ago (back when you couldn’t get an espresso). Enjoying a piece of this magnitude is one of the most incredible parts of the CoCollect experience. We have clients who can live with a piece in their home by an artist they never imagined could be accessible.”

Donald Judd’s Untitled (#118-123)

Donald Judd, Untitled (#118-123), 1980.

“I love collage. The small scale of these individually and the enormous scale collectively attracts me to this collage. I’ve been dying to find the right project for it with CoCollect. I can see them in a sunny breakfast room, on a wall unencumbered by any furniture so that each piece can be studied and enjoyed up close, but that makes an impact with its scale when viewed from a distance.”

Drew Bacon’s Domestic Landscape Sketches

Drew Bacon, Domestic Landscape Sketches, 2023.

“There’s something feminine yet gritty and peaceful yet frenetic altogether with this work. It’s called Canoe, but I see a group of women in all their expressive glory. It would be a powerful piece in an otherwise simple entry… welcome, grab a martini.”

Caroline Pinney’s The Canoer

Caroline Pinney, The Canoer, 2023.

“I simply can’t get enough of Alexandra Valenti, whom I discovered through CoCollect. She is an enormous talent, and I adore her representation of women and her approach to color and composition. (I’d like this one in my home… thank you very much.)”

Alexandra Valenti’s Faceless Portrait With Orange Dress

Alexandra Valenti, Faceless Portrait With Orange Dress, 2022.
Designed by LMi. Artwork by Alexandra Valenti. Photographed by Andrea Calo.

“Nicole Patel gives me a little Anni Albers, a little Agnes Martin and a lot of happiness. I’d put this in serene bedroom, drink tea and enjoy.”

Nicole Patel’s Horizon

Nicole Patel, Horizon.

“Sarah Kitchen is a local Austin artist which initially caught my attention. The tactile nature of collage comes through for me here, and I’m drawn to the saturation and energy in this work. How elegant would this be, hung on a feature wall in a moody, wallpapered dining room full of walnut and brass? How interesting that I just described my dining room. (I’ll take this one too, please.)”

Sarah Kitchen’s Bag with the Long Zipper I & II

“Hallie Brewer is also an artist I discovered through CoCollect, and I love this pair. I’d like to see them balance an otherwise sweet and feminine room with their strong sense of composition and color.”

Hallie Brewer’s NM Light and NM Shadow

“We are so lucky to have so many incredible artists in Austin, and I’m grateful CoCollect helps support and encourage this valued treasure of our creative city.”

“If there is one artist I would run out to invest in, it would be America Martin. She is an artist I present to almost every client I can find. I am in awe of her confident style and the representation of the female form (I’m seeing some themes here for me, women in art and artists much?!). I equally enjoy her rich and colorful pieces and the more pared-down, almost sketch-like study of this piece in the CoCollect portfolio.”

America Martin’s Woman Weaves Basket from Reeds I

America Martin, Woman Weaves Basket from Reeds I, 2016.

“I’m a huge, huge, huge Elizabeth Schwaiger fan. For me, she is the thinking woman’s artist, and I’m here for it. It’s haunting, dark, beautiful, and thought-provoking, and this one is no exception. My all-time favorite, Elizabeth Schwaiger, was recently paired with a dear client of ours via CoCollect, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Elizabeth Schwaiger’s Darkening Flood

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