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How Art Advising Works

How Art Advising Works

If you climb the Himalayas without a sherpa, you’re probably going to make some bad decisions.

Even the best mountaineers don’t think about climbing the Himalayas without a guide who is an expert in the terrain. And the art world can feel no different. Yet it’s never been easier to buy art. With an unprecedented number of galleries, apps, and online marketplaces competing for space—it’s impossible to know where to start. It can be even more challenging to figure out what’s what or who’s who. The fact is, today’s art world is more complex to navigate than ever before. But, people dedicate their entire lives to educating themselves about art, understanding the nuances of the art world, collecting, and following artists — the art world sherpas, who we call art advisors, to guide you through the terrain.

Our process is bespoke, focusing on our member’s unique interests and aesthetic preferences to create a collection that is both meaningful and reflects their individuality. Art advising has a step-by-step process at CoCollect to help us find an art collection you’ll love.


The first step is connecting with our members on a personal level. We want to understand their passions, histories, and what elements of artworks or artists resonate with them the most. We gain insight into their tastes and aspirations for their art collection, which helps us curate a selection of art that aligns with their vision.


It’s essential to consider where art is displayed. The story our members want to tell in the space, the ambiance they want to create, and the size of the artwork are all crucial factors. Whether it’s a cozy living room, a modern office space, or spacious and high ceilings- the art should harmonize with the surroundings. Our team guides our members in selecting pieces that fit their space and that they can view mocked-up in the space before deciding on the artwork.

Sarah Genn, Shhhh, Hush Baby, and All Quiet, 2020.


Personal aesthetic and visual preferences play significant roles in the art advising process. Are you drawn to contemporary works, classic styles, or avant-garde pieces? We consider our members’ aesthetics when curating their collection, ensuring that each artwork complements their style and creates a cohesive narrative within their collection.


Finally, we discuss the budget and how members wish to invest in their art collection. Whether they prefer to lease the art for a specific period or make a permanent purchase, we aim to offer options tailored to our members’ financial preferences. The goals are to help them make informed decisions, find something they love, and advise on their investment. 

At the heart of our art advising process is the desire to create a collection that someone not only loves but also connects with on a personal level. We encourage members to focus on pieces that resonate with them rather than aimlessly following trends. An art collection should reflect one’s identity, tastes, and interests. 

Our team of experienced art advisors is here to guide members through every step of the process, offering personalized recommendations and expert insights, just like a sherpa would in the Himalayas. 

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