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Leasing Your Private Collection

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Leasing Your Private Collection

Share, Appreciate, Educate.

Leasing artwork offers a unique opportunity to share your collection. Whether you want to share your passion or gain exposure to a new market, leasing can benefit you and the lessee. 

Leasing Artwork

Leasing artwork offers a fresh approach to art ownership. Traditionally, private collections are enjoyed by a limited audience, but leasing transforms this by making your valuable pieces accessible to a broader public. Additionally, those leasing the artwork are educated about the artist and the work, enriching their appreciation and understanding.

How Leasing Works

We use advanced technology and high-touch advisory services to vet all members and placement locations, including conducting background checks and in-person visits. We ensure that artworks are placed in optimal environments, guaranteeing that the art will be in a secure space.

  • Share your collection details with us. Your pieces can be listed whether they’re for sale or not. 
  • We’ll review each piece to ensure it’s a good fit for our market. During this step, we’ll agree on artwork value and log your collection into our inventory to market to our members.
  • We handle all logistics using professional art handlers, making the process hassle-free. 
  • When your artworks are selected, you earn a percentage of the leasing fees. Artwork leases for one year minimum.
  • Your pieces are protected under our inland marine policy, and members also assume liability through a signed contract.
Reference image of art in storage.

Educational Aspect

Leasing your artwork is an opportunity to engage with an appreciative audience. By making your private collection accessible, you help educate and inspire others, contributing to the broader art community and even helping craft long-term collectors. Members receive educational text messages about the collection in their space during the life of their membership. Many people lease their collections with us, including international collectors and even celebrities who share their collections. Emerging artists can gain exposure for their work, and galleries benefit as well, with 63% of residential members purchasing something from the collection in the first year of leasing. 

Roger Mühl, Terres Rouges, 1986.

How to Get Started

Interested in leasing your artwork with us? Reach out to us at and we’ll set up a time to discuss your collection, and answer any questions you may have.

Piece shown at top of page: Josef Albers, EK Id, 1970.