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The Rubell Museum: Miami Collection

Community Spotlights
The Rubell Museum: Miami Collection

Growing the Miami arts community through accessible collections and artist-in-residence programs. 

The Rubell Museum in Miami is a well-established institution for the arts and has an unwavering commitment to helping artists. The Rubell family created this foundation built on conversations with artists, trusting their instincts, and fostering a deep connection with the art community.

The opening of the Rubell Collection in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood redefined the accessibility to private collections by making them public.

Rubell Museum added to their collection, showcasing new artworks for Miami’s art week. The size and scale of these pieces were massive, extremely impressive and hard to miss. With everyone from established artists to those just finishing up residency programs, fresh exhibitions took the spotlight this week.

The artist-in-residence program supports emerging voices and offers a footing ground for early-career artists. This speaks to the Rubell’s commitment to fostering a diverse art community, enabling artists to expand their horizons and culminate their residencies with solo exhibitions at the Museum.

The exhibit “Spirit of the Gift” presents Basil Kincaid’s latest collection during their residency in 2023. Kincaid explores the connections between heritage and personal identity in today’s world. Using various mediums like quilting, performance and painting, to name a few, Kincaid exhibits a plethora of artwork at the Rubell.

Basil Kincaid, The Fields We Lay and Turn with Horns, 2023.

Alejandro Piñeiro Bello unveiled his monumental, vividly colored landscape paintings this week as he also held an artist residency at the Rubell this year. Piñeiro Bello has gained recognition through this residency and has been shown at other galleries since.

Alejandro Piñeiro Bello, Tormenta Solar, 2023.

The Rubell legacy has resonated with countless artists whose careers were propelled by their support. The institution continues to be a significant influence in growing the arts community and sharing works with people around the world.

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