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Unexpected Art Placements

Unexpected Art Placements

Finding unconventional, yet considered places to display art.

Working with a home’s unique architecture, playing off a member’s personal collection, or leveraging underutilized spaces, there’s always a place for art. 

In Front of Bookshelves

One of our favorite placements for artwork is in front of bookshelves. It’s a stunning and delightful way to add a focal point to an area that can often look busy or cluttered, elevating the space and inviting a deeper connection to both the art and the books it complements. This seemingly simple placement has a way of transforming the library into a curated gallery where art and literature thoughtfully coexist. Truly one of our favorites.

In Stairwells

Stairwells are one of our most requested placements and often the largest walls in homes. These areas are perfect for oversized pieces that can’t be accommodated in smaller rooms. The height and openness of the stairwell allow for major visual impact that you won’t achieve in other spaces.

In & Around Windows

Another surprising placement we like to recommend, assuming the art can withstand the light, is in and around windows. It creates a playful effect and works well particularly for a lot of new modern homes that have massive windows with lots of natural light – but few great walls for art. Of course, we never want to block a good view, but sometimes it can actually draw more attention to the view itself.

Off-Centered, Anywhere

We love an off-centered placement to add drama and a unique focal point to a space, particularly above a headboard like we wrote about here. The effect is bold and courageous. Placing art off to one side also doesn’t have to mean choosing between left or right. The third example below plays with the height of the room with a confident choice to place the portrait at a much lower eye level than you’d expect.

While displaying artwork in one (or all!) of these ways can create a dynamic and inspired space, the first step is always selecting pieces that you personally connect with.