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West Lake Hills

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West Lake Hills

Museum Meets Home: Curating an art collection for a contemporary space.

Artwork by: Andy Warhol, Donald Judd, Pablo Picasso, John Zabawa, Paul Kremer, John O’Brien, Michael Phlean, Antonio, Hiroko Takeda, Cecilia Biagini, Jason Trotter, Otis Huband, and John O’Brian.

Paul Kremer, Exchange 03, 2023.
(Left) John Zabawa, Stones VIII, 2022. (Right) Hiroko Takeda, Still Life Diptych, 2022.
John O’Brien, Clay Hypothesis, 2023. Photo by Henry Bho.
(Left) Paul Kremer, Exchange 03, 2023. (Straight) Andy Warhol, Liz, 1964.
(Left) Donald Judd, Untitled (#118-123), 1980. (Right) Cecilia Biagini, Between the question and the answer, 2012.
Antonio Ballester Moreno, 18h, 2021.
(Left) Otis Huband, Dogs Barking in the Distance, 2019. (Straight) Jason Trotter, Praying for Time, 2023.

Artwork featured at top of post: Donald Judd, Untitled (#118-123), 1980.

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